Day 1 – Word Count: 2406

Well, November is here. Up until about 8pm I was still debating on participating in NaNo this year. The past two days I’ve been working on outlining at least a basic plot of a new story. I still have several unfinished and I know there’s a few people out there that will be yelling at me to finish one of my old pieces, but I’m really hoping this change will get me back in the habit of writing in a more productive way all around.

For two days I struggled over the basic plot behind many of my story ideas. It’s nothing special and definitely nothing original, but it’s mine (or at least it will be) and I’m okay with that. I don’t like to heavily relay on structured-anything, but I do have a couple of writing guides that I like to use to get started if I’m struggling. One of them has an exercise where you break down your plot into the most simple one sentence description that you can. So here’s mine: A lonely, insecure, and immature girl navigates a fantasy world to discover who she is, her own strengths, and how to finally grow up emotionally. 

Yup, it sounds that boring to me too. With enough work though I think I can make something of it. So, I started writing and with an 1:20 left I had about 1700 words finished. It’s not a spectacular start, but I got through today!


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